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Scam Warning from Barclays

Barclays helping you to avoid the latest scam
Scam Warning from Barclays the big banking companies are warning of the latest telephone scam. Fraudsters are also impersonating large telecommunication companies. They’re claiming they’ve made a refund into your account. However in error, and now have to revoke the overpayment. Also if you get a call like this, or receive any random email or text asking you to make a payment, don’t respond. Instead, give your individual banks a call or read the fraud-smart tips on your banks own website. The fraudsters don’t know your details the way they work cons you into giving them information they double check your codes but ask for different letters each time. Remember this scam warning from Barclays or your banks would not ask you to do this via phone or email. Also they may ask to remote log onto your PC your bank wouldn’t need to do this either. Please ensure your malware protection is also kept up to date.


Houghton Feast Week

Well that’s another Houghton feast week been and gone a few popular faces sadly missing. However its been a great week for android box updates and repairs. Therefore we cant believe how many boxes we have had to update in Houghton le spring this week. Maybe the clients didn’t spend as much at the Houghton feast week as the rest of us.

So if your not running Kodi 17 or 18 on your android box or firestick give Fix My PC a call and we will update it. You will certainly be missing out if you don’t have at least six other apps installed. We would certainly recommend Mobdro installed too its a great complimentary program to have installed alongside kodi.

Rogue callers claim to be from Microsoft

Beware of rogue callers claim to be from Microsoft preying on the elderly. Ensure vulnerable friends and relatives are aware the rogue callers are also back targeting the north east public. Furthermore claiming to be from Microsoft computer support team who have discovered your PC or laptops have virus and malware issues. These unscrupulous people are only trying to get the user to give them access to the PC or also laptops.
Hence for whichever confidence trick they are carrying out either after banking details, documents or charge a fee for repair. Likewise the opportunity to utilise the computer to distribute malware or adware they are despicable people. Please also ensure your friends and relatives are aware and instruct them to say their PC is broken or binned. Finally on no account to give them access to their computer. We would rather no more people are part of a con by Rogue callers claim to be from Microsoft.


Many people now find the FireTVstick rather easier to operate than the android box. While with Kodi installed on the FireTVstick a great product becomes even better. The fireTVstick can seem a little slow so we think its best to use some of the better APK applications. Furthermore applications like Showbox load much faster than Kodi.

FireTVstick programming

kodi on your FireTVstick

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Choosing a reliable company to undertake your computer repairs upgrades can involve an element of chance. However if you choose Fix My PC 4 Me it need not be that way. We have been providing upgrade and software recovery solutions to customers in the North East of England for many years. Hence for reliable virus and malware removal Sunderland residents need look no further. A local company with a great reputation for caring for your needs. Whether you software crashes or hard drive fails we attempt to recover and backup precious documents and photographs. Therefore they offer a full range of options and have been providing their services with a hands on, whatever’s important to you way, thus providing a customer care experience which is difficult to overlook.

Whether you have an old PC nearly new laptop or a console that is causing problems for you. Likewise if you need extra storage for your data films or photos  Fixmypc4.me.uk can help. While they will do so by providing a friendly, professional service carried out by people who understand what you need. Covering all of the North East including Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham Washington and also Hartlepool, FixmyPC4Me are the first choice for a guarantee of experience and quality of service, so get in touch now and let us breathe new life into your computer.

Android Boxes bring USA TV to the UK

These little android boxes bring USA TV to the UK. They also have a highly powered engine room the latest version has a quad core CPU and 2 gig of memory with also 8 gig of storage and reportedly are capable of a 4k output to your TV screen. Furthermore they connect to your wireless network and can playback a variety of games TV shows sport or films. The android box pictured also has 4 USB connectors a LAN connection and a memory card slot and its great for kodi.

We repair android boxes

Android TV at its best add a wireless keyboard