Barclays helping you to avoid the latest scam
Scam Warning from Barclays the big banking companies are warning of the latest telephone scam. Fraudsters are also impersonating large telecommunication companies. They’re claiming they’ve made a refund into your account. However in error, and now have to revoke the overpayment. Also if you get a call like this, or receive any random email or text asking you to make a payment, don’t respond. Instead, give your individual banks a call or read the fraud-smart tips on your banks own website. The fraudsters don’t know your details the way they work cons you into giving them information they double check your codes but ask for different letters each time. Remember this scam warning from Barclays or your banks would not ask you to do this via phone or email. Also they may ask to remote log onto your PC your bank wouldn’t need to do this either. Please ensure your malware protection is also kept up to date.